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Vapor Ward

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Vapor Ward is a Level 3 spell in Hide and Shriek.

Description[edit | edit source]

Spell VaporWard.png

Vapor Ward
Conjure a blinding rune of visibility

  • Type: SpellTarget Floor.png Floor
  • Runes: Runes FrightTrap.png Runes PerilSight.png Runes GhostFlame.png

Conjures a hidden rune on the floor

  • Whoever triggers this is visible and leaves a green trail floating behind them when they move
  • Effect last for about 30 seconds, trail itself dissipates after about 5 seconds of not moving.
  • Person who triggered it is not visible through walls

"In an apocryphal account, a Roman occultist humored his laughter, placing warding sigils on her bedroom floor, to prove her imaginary friends were not stomping about at night. Hours later, smoky figures - with only the vaguest suggestion of terrible symmetry - loped out of her room."