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Achievements are earned by performing certain tasks in Hide and Shriek. Completing achievements will unlock special cosmetics like masks and decorations.

List of achievementsEdit

Win a game.
Shriek at an incapacitated Player.
  Not afraid of the dark
Deliver an Orb to your altar while cursed by Gloom Shroud.
  No Mercy!
Earn 3 Merciless Victories.
Get a score of 120,000.
  Shrieked out
Get scared 50 times.
  I've got the power!
Reach Max Level.
Cast all spells at least once.
Find all Stories.
  Play on Playa
Participate in 10 public games.
  Oh no you don't!
Hit a player with Ghost Flame while they are sprinting.
  True Sight
Have Runic Sight, Peril Sight and Treasure Sight running at the same time.
  The Wisp Whisperer
Successfully hit your foe with Haunting Wisp and It Follows in one game.
  Nice to meat you
Scare your foe with Meatface wearing a sausage necklace and a chef's hat.
  Fright Night
Have you and your foe hit with Fright Trap and Fright Pocket in one game.
  Fooled you!
Use spells to trick your opponent into wasting their Shriek 3 times in one game.
  Quick Draw
Successfully Shriek at your opponent within 40 seconds of a match starting.
  Gotta Go Fast
Deliver 3 Orbs to your altar within a 20 second period.
  As if...
Trick your foe into being abducted by their own Hungry Void.
Dispel your foe's No Fear and then Shriek at them.